African American Read-In - Charlotte Dehart Virgina Elementary school 1
My goal as mayor is to focus on issues that matter to the people of the City of Winchester. I am passionate about improving these areas to make Winchester a wonderful community for everyone who lives and works locally as well as visitors.


  • Repurposing existing property and structures to revitalize what we already have.
  • Creating a more bikeable and walkable community to encourage sustainable living through alternative transportation.
  • Creating new jobs so that people who go to school in Winchester stay in Winchester.


  • Attracting new businesses to Winchester to attract new residents, create new jobs and expand our revenue base.
  • Improve our technology infrastructure bringing public broadband and faster internet options to residents, businesses and schools.


  • Continued improvement of the quality of living for everyone in Winchester.
  • Creation and growth of more youth and senior programs.
  • Encouraging education through mentoring and vocational training.